About Us

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Our vision for the future

A world where healthcare focuses on disease prevention and all interventions are personalized.

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The mission we are on

To personalize pharmacological interventions by empowering clinical decision makers with the latest pharmacogenomic and pharmacometric recommendations.

Our values


We empower our customers by making decades of medical research available to inform each decision, and empower each others’ professional growth by fostering a constant environment of mentoring and learning.


We commit to full transparency in how our models are encoded, a preference for open-source software, and bolstering a company culture of candor, deference to data, and a willingness to change and evolve.


We believe every person has a super-power, and every life is worth saving. This manifests externally as inclusive pricing and efforts to internationalize our platform, and internally as fully embracing the diversity of each team member’s life experience and nurturing each other’s super-powers.


Whether directed to each other or our customers, we listen actively, care deeply and disagree gracefully.

Team members and super-powers

Ajay Gopal

Ajay Gopal, PhD

Co-Founder & CEO
Alex Brewer

Alex Brewer, PharmD, MBA

Medical Writing
Balazs Hodobay

Balazs Hodobay, MSc

Full-Stack Development
Cindy Natassia

Cindy Natassia, MSc

Product Design
    Gergely Daroczi

    Gergely Daroczi, PhD

    Co-Founder & CTO
    Gyorgy Mirk

    Gyorgy Mirk, MSc

    Application Testing
    Laszlo Szakacs

    Laszlo Szakacs, MSc

    Statistical Programming
    Mark Kittisopikul

    Mark Kittisopikul, PhD

    Medical Research
    Richard Sportsman

    Richard Sportsman, PhD

    Pharmacometric Research
    Umberto Pezzini

    Umberto Pezzini, BEd

    Graphic Design


    Arjun Dev Arora

    Arjun Dev Arora, BSc

    Strategic Advisor
    Daniel Nomura

    Daniel Nomura, PhD

    Scientific Advisor
    Don Barnett

    Don Barnett, MBA

    Corporate Finance Advisor
    Mark Sale

    Mark Sale, MD

    Scientific Advisor
    Maryam Atakhorrami

    Maryam Atakhorrami, PhD

    Commercial Advisor
    Sean Kane

    Sean Kane, PharmD, BCPS

    Scientific Advisor
    Thomas Kerbusch

    Thomas Kerbusch, PhD

    Scientific Advisor