Rx Studio Integrates with Epic, Bringing its Precision Medicine Platform to the App Orchard Marketplace

Epic users including physicians and clinicians can now more easily make patient drug dosing decisions using Rx Studio’s personalized analysis.

Belmont, CA — Rx Studio, the cloud-based high-performance computing platform for personalized medicine, today announced that its HIPAA-compliant decision support platform is now available in Epic’s App Orchard marketplace. With this integration, Epic users responsible for drug dosing decisions can seamlessly integrate patient history and therapeutic drug monitoring data to rapidly calculate safe and effective personalized drug regimens for each patient. This aims to alleviate dire shortages of antibiotics needed to mitigate infectious diseases in critical care patients. The Rx Studio platform is generally available as a web-based, mobile and EHR-embedded application, and is currently being used in 10 countries around the world.

Built to make patient-specific regimens, Rx Studio’s clinical decision support platform provides a quantitative analysis of interactions between drugs and patients using contextual patient information and shortening the time needed for a clinical decision. Rx Studio uses Cures Act compliant SMART on FHIR HL7 communication standards to automatically read and analyze relevant data from the patient’s electronic record. Thousands of Monte Carlo simulations are run to forecast the patient’s response to various candidate dosing scenarios. The dosing regimen most likely to result in the desired pharmacometric outcome is presented as a recommendation to the medical decision maker.

“With the availability of our secure and compliant decision support platform as a turnkey integration for our customers’ Epic software, Rx Studio hopes to catalyze personalized medicine becoming the standard of care in the U.S. and worldwide,” said Ajay Gopal, Co-Founder & CEO, Rx Studio. “Each of us responds differently to a pharmaceutical even within our own lifespan, and not accounting for this increases the risk of inefficacy and adverse reactions. We want our platform’s personalized recommendations to be available to every health professional while formulating a prescription. To this end, integrating with Epic is the single most impactful way to increase point-of-care access to our platform’s pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic and pharmacogenomic (PK/PD/PGx) modeling capabilities.”

Dr. Vineet Goti, Ph.D., the developer of one of the most predictive population pharmacokinetic models for the broad-spectrum antibiotic vancomycin, believes that the implementation of his model on Rx Studio has the potential to impact the lives of patients around the world. “Software platforms like Rx Studio in combination with Epic can, within weeks, bring population pharmacokinetic models developed as part of academic research directly to every hospital bedside, thereby improving drug dosing decisions and, ultimately, therapeutic outcomes for patients,” he said.

Rx Studio is supported in all versions of Epic released after May 2019, and access can be requested in the App Orchard marketplace: https://apporchard.epic.com/Gallery/App/10346 .

To learn more about Rx Studio’s clinical decision support platform, solutions, licensing or to try a precision dose simulation, visit https://rx.studio/

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