The free educational features of Rx Studio

One of the first uses of the Rx Studio platform was for the instruction of Vancomycin dosing in a pharmacology class. As clinical researchers continuously improve PK/PD models and the field moves to digital platforms, there is a need for students and professionals around the world to stay up-to-date with the latest advancements.

To support ongoing education, Rx Studio has made the following features available at no cost to instructors and educational institutions worldwide:

  • Group account management - an instructor can invite a list of students to create accounts attached to the educational institution’s administrative account.
  • Classroom formulary - the instructor who administers the class can select which drug molecules are visible to the students in the classroom.
  • Bayesian adaptive modeling - this is an optional feature that can be enabled for group instruction when real patient data is not required or used. Instructors and students can manually enter hypothetical patient information to understand the feedback mechanism in Bayesian models and the underlying Monte Carlo simulations for forecasting.
  • PDF reports - students are able to download and maintain a record of their exercises.

Contact us if you’re an instructor and we’re happy to configure your account for you!

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