Free precision dosing for smaller clinics through 2021

Over the past year, as emergency departments and ICUs at large hospitals worldwide were swamped with COVID cases, patients resorted to urgent care and telemedicine for serious conditions requiring pharmacological intervention.

Unfortunately, the risk of overprescription of antibiotics is reported to be the highest in time-constrained and transactional environments such as urgent care, ambulatory care, retail clinics and emergency departments. In the past year, similar overprescription risks have also been identified in the booming telemedicine industry.

To help mitigate overprescription risk at smaller medical groups under pressure due to the pandemic, Rx Studio is making our base “Clinic” license free through the end of 2021.

If you are the administrator of a small to medium sized care provider with occasional needs for personalized dosing, please contact us to get free access to our based Clinic license (without customizations), inclusive of our standard BAA for HIPAA compliance in the US.

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