Ex Machina: Rx Studio's cloud infrastructure

Openness is a core value at Rx Studio. Our thesis is that knowing how the underlying technology and recommendation systems are assembled is absolutely essential to making confident clinical decisions.

Here’s our first share-out of Rx Studio’s cloud infrastructure. We’re built with a combination of cloud platform services, primarily from Amazon and Google.

Network graph on Rx Studio's cloud infrastructure

Network graph on Rx Studio's cloud infrastructure

Our modeling APIs are the key component that allows us to perform thousands of Monte Carlo simulations in parallel, to provide dosing recommendations in near-real time.

In addition, we have designed our entire infrastructure with continuous compliance and security monitoring in mind. For example, for continuous monitoring and evidence gathering for HIPAA controls, our systems are integrated with Aptible, a digital GRC platform.

This schematic was originally presented at the NHS-R Conference 2020 , a virtual conference with over 1000 people registered from 39 countries in 5 continents, where we contributed a lightning talk on “Integrating R in Model-Informed Precision Dosing Web Application ”.

Inspired by what you see? We’re always looking for health inclined R programmers – reach out if you’re one.

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