Launched! Rx Studio is now generally available

Rx Studio began as a weekend project in July 2020, as the world experienced its first COVID-related shortage of antibiotics needed to mitigate bacterial co-infections. Our mission then was simply to enable the rapid calculation of patient-specific dosing regimens to optimize the usage of antibiotics and impact lives by alleviating shortages.

After nearly 9 months of building a team, refining our ideas, working through weekends, and listening carefully to the early adopters of our platform, my co-founder Gergely Daroczi and I are absolutely thrilled to make Rx Studio available to every clinical decision maker worldwide.

At this time, anyone can create a free individual account and calculate a patient-specific intravascular (IV) precision dosing regimen for antibiotics commonly used around the world in clinical settings – including Amikacin, Cefepime, Gentamicin, Meropenem, Piperacillin/Tazobactam, Tobramycin & Vancomycin.

Gergely and I have funded the development of the company ourselves to have the flexibility in directing Rx Studio to be true to our founding mission of improving access to pharmacometric models. The platform features available today and in development for the future are based on a wealth of feedback received from our supporters and early adopters, whom we thank wholeheartedly.

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