The right solution for your needs

Every dosing decision has multiple stakeholders, the patient, the care provider, the health system and depending on the country, a private, public or governmental insurer. We’ve configured our licensing plans to meet the needs of each stakeholder.

Clinics, Hospitals, Health Systems

As a larger health provider, you likely have a certified EHR system capable of SMART on FHIR* (an open API standard for health records).

Making precision dosing available to physicians and pharmacologists may be as easy as signing our licensing contract & BAA, and installing Rx Studio from your EHR’s application store.

Our Health System plan is optimal for you.

Physicians, Small Group Practices & Out-Patient Care

In a private or small practice environment, you need the protection of HIPAA compliance through a signed BAA, but deep integration with your practice management system might be excessive for occasional dose assessments.

The Clinic plan offers simple pay-per-use billing with your needs in mind.

Educational Institutions

The future of pharmacology is digital. Teaching your students about PK/PD/PGx models should use the decades of research and latest scalable simulation tools that enable quick dosing decisions for patients.

Our Education plan is perfect for group instruction.

Individuals, Patients, Residents

Want a quick check on whether the right drug dose is in an IV bag being administered to a patient?

Running a quick empirical simulation for the drug using our Individual account and standard models will always be free!

* As per the 2016 Cures Act, by 2022, all certified health IT vendors are required to provide interoperability of health data with the HL7/FHIR API standard we use.